“I’ve got orders…”

Let me set the scene for you: It’s approximately 5:00 AM and you are startled awake by your spouse saying, “I’ve got orders.” Oy vey. Now, as a military family, we know the possibility of being moved is always on the table. However, after landing in the “black hole” that is Moody Air Force Base, we were sure we would be stuck here a while, and we were perfectly okay with that. When we bought our house, my husband joked, “the only way we would move out of this place is if they give me orders to Korea.” Sure enough, that is exactly what happened (Haha, universe. Well played).

Immediately, dread filled as I thought this meant my husband would be gone for a year, and I would either be alone at our current base, or will move a few hours South to be closer to family. That is, until, the wonderful world of Facebook led me to a group called “Osan NCS,” and the rest is history! YES, military families, it IS possible to accompany your service member on their short tour to Korea! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I sure hope this blog will aid in the process of making the decision to go along and I hope to accumulate the information in a way that will be helpful to those going through the process, who have had a difficult time compiling relevant information in one handy site. I am a visual learner myself, and I love seeing things in clear, step-by-step lists, but I spent hours reading through old Facebook posts and through Air Force Regulations in order to get the information I needed. Needless to say, it was a headache, which was the reason I decided to create this blog.

I will also be sharing some of our adventures as the year goes on, because, hell, if we are going to spend a year overseas, we are going to make the best of it! From what I have seen already, there is soooo much to do and see. We are definitely going to make an adventure of of it. So, join me as we rock our way thorugh the ROK in 365 days! (badumm tiss)


3 Replies to ““I’ve got orders…””

  1. Many blessings God will be with yous always through your journey. Making beautiful memories and I’ll be here waiting for yous for a speedy return.. Your awesome. Love you.


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