NCS, CS, APO, OPP (yeah you know me!)

Alright, so let’s get to the relevant stuff. There are lots and lots of acronyms in the military, so that is something you are just going to have to get used to! (See Common Military Acronyms for a good guideline to what you may come across the most). This blog will mainly be focused on how to get to Korea, specifically Osan Air Base, as Non-command sponsored dependants (NCS). NCS basically means that your spouse received unaccompanied orders and you are going to be traveling to his/her duty station on your own dollar. There is the possibility of going Command Sponsored (CS) in which the Air Force will sponsor your family’s move like a typical PCS, but since that is not the route we are taking, I will try to refer you to other sites for that. (Definitely check out Osan AB Spouses on Facebook).

The NCS process has been fairly easy.

and BAM you can go to Korea! Once there, there is a few military-related steps you will have to take in order to be able to stay the length of the service member’s tour. I’ll outline what I have learned, and will update as we actually go through the process.

In the hopes of not making each blog entry too wordy, (I’ve already lost my train of thought), details for each will be explained in separate posts. This will, hopefully, serve as a good outline and will offer a list that you can check off as each step in completed (yay, lists!).

The matrix below is a great reference to have as we move along in this process. It basically outlines the benefits received as CS, NCS, or if you decide to stay back while your spouse completes their tour.


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