Arriving at Incheon International Airport

We made it! 24 hours of travel later….We flew Delta from Atlanta directly to Incheon International Airport. Straight flight, no issues, and we were fed very well.

On the airplane, the flight attendant will give you two little sheets of paper – one will be turned into Immigration and one to Customs when you arrive at the airport. The immigration one basically just asks for your contact information during your stay in Korea, as well as your reason for visiting. The other is for you to note anything you need to declare at Customs.

Once we got off of the plane, we went through a quarantine line – no paperwork needed, just tell them you arrived from the United States and they will let you straight through. From there, you will follow signs to Immigration (they are written in English under the Korean wording). Here, you will need to have your passport and ID handy as well as the paper received on the flight, and they will stamp your passport with a tourist visa, which will be good for 90 days. It will have the current date on it, along with the expiration date. (No worries, the SOFA stamp you receive at the Osan Passenger Terminal will override this date restriction). From there you can follow some more signs to USFK Customs. Make sure you go to the line that says USFK. They will check the customs paper you filled out on the flight, as well as orders and military IDs. We didn’t have anything to declare so we just went right through. Unless you are bringing booze, guns, and knives, it should be pretty straightforward.

That’s it! You are free to pick up your stuff from baggage claim now and make your way to Osan Air Base. The next post will explore some of your travel options from Seoul Incheon Airport to Osan.



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