Unaccompanied Baggage

The next step in your moving plan will be to gather the things you would like to send to Korea as Unaccompanied Baggage. The service member will be allotted 500 lbs to send over by air. I know that if you opt to change to a Household Goods (HHG) shipment you will have a higher weight limit, however this takes longer to arrive, and with many off base apartments coming furnished, it may not be necessary. The service member can log into move.mil, where they will sign up for a requested date to have your things picked up, and it will also give you an estimated date for arrival in Korea. You will be contacted later by the moving company contracted to do the shipment with a date and time confirmation.

Any job-related items do not count towards the weight limit. Some things you may opt to send are:

-Next season of clothing


-Small appliances if you cannot live without them (my Ninja Coffee Bar)




-Toys (if you are coming with little ones)

Keep in mind that there is a size limitation on the items you are sending as well, as all the stuff needs to fit into crates that will be loaded onto a plane and sent over. There is much debate on whether the movers will pack things like spices and cleaning products, and I have heard yes and no from different people – ultimately I think it depends on the company. We just opted to leave that stuff behind and buy here, but if there is stuff you really want to take, I would recommend packing it in boxes yourself and tell them not to re-pack.

On moving day, the packers will come and pack everything into boxes themselves, so no need to stress over that. If you have fragile items you are sending over, you can opt to pack them yourselves but just make sure to let them know, or else they may unpack it and repack it with their materials.

Be sure to keep an inventory and take pictures of everything being sent over, just in case anything breaks or goes missing and you have to file a claim (more common than one would think unfortunately).

So, what about the rest of our stuff? Well, we put the rest of our things in storage at our follow-on location. Now here’s where it gets a little tricky. If you have an approved follow-on, you are NOT authorized storage at the government’s expense. Which means, yes, you will be paying out of pocket through the duration of your NCS stay in Korea. However, if you do not have an approved follow on, or do not care to lose it and risk the possibility of being stationed somewhere else after Korea, you can have the government pay, but you have to make sure this is authorized and written on the service member’s hard copy orders. We do not want to lose our follow-on, so we are biting the bullet and coming out of pocket. The government does, however, authorize the storage of one (1) vehicle (POV).


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