Getting to Osan AB

Remember, this blog is written in the context of being stationed with a Noncommand Sponsored family at Osan AB. 

So after going through customs at Incheon Airport in Seoul, you will walk into the receiving area of the airport. Near the exit doors on the far left, you will see the desk to sign up for traveling on Osan Air Base’s ITT bus back to base. (Just look for people in uniforms, lol). They will take you name, rank, and unit on a list and then you just wait to board. Only downside is, it only travels to an from base 3 times a day. (Fear not, more options to come).  Below you will find the bus schedule taken directly from Osan’s 51st FSS website.


Now, if your landing time doesn’t quite work around this and you do not want to be sitting around the airport forever, you can always take the city bus, and this is a quite common option. Below you will find the latest times for the city bus schedule, and you will see it runs quite often. The bus stop is located out of door 8 from what I am told, but you can always ask to be sure. The cost is approximately 10-15,000 Korean Won (~$10 or so). There are money exchanges right in the airport, so no need to worry about that either. From Incheon, you will get off at the Songtan Bus stop, which is closest to base. DO NOT get off at Osan city. Seems like the logical choice, but Osan AB isn’t actually located in Osan city…I know, lol. From the Songtan stop, you can take a short cab ride to base. 20727812_1659895934055070_8627769387723397398_n (1)

Both bus rides sho



Yes, with military orders you are authorized more than the allotted baggage, but really, we only had a backpack, one carry on, and two checked bags and that was a real pain in the you know what. Also, if you end up having to take the city bus, and then a taxi, you are going to want to make sure it fits or else you will be having to take multiple taxis. After a long flight, you do not want to have to lug all your baggage through an additional 2 hour bus ride (yes, it is that long). Be sure to utilize you UB shipment, and anything else that may not have fit can easily be purchased once here…just saying.




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