These topics are fairly straightforward so I figured I would condense them into once post. The last bits of official business you will need to take care of  to complete your NCS stay is to get your SOFA visa and register in DBIDS and Rations control.

SOFA (Status of Force Agreement) aka A-3 Visa

  • This basically ensures your stay in the ROK for the duration of the service member’s tour. This stamp is for non-military USFK dependent civilians. 
  • To get your SOFA stamp, you will need to go to the Osan Passenger Terminal (commonly referred to as the PAX terminal).
  • Their hours are kind of weird sometimes, but they should be open for SOFA from 0900-1300.
  • You will need: Passport, military orders, your military ID, sponsor’s military ID, and a form that the office will provide and help fill out. 
  • Once they review everything, they will stamp your passport with the Visa and a new expiration date that guarantees your right to be in the country for as long as the service member.

DBIDS (Defense Biometric Identification System) & Rations

  • Before registering in DBIDS, when you come on base you will have to have your military ID and a copy of your orders. Registering in DBIDS is mandatory and places you as being stationed at Osan.
  • To register for DBIDS, you will need to go to the Pass & ID with all the same items you needed for SOFA (tip: get your SOFA stamp first)
  • Be prepared to have your picture taken! (I was not)
  • At this same office (Pass & ID) you can register for your Rations Control Card. You will NOT be allowed to shop (or even enter in most cases) the BX or commissary without this.
  • After registering for DBIDS, it takes approximately five hours for you to be entered into the system, so they just recommend you come back the next day for your Rations Card.
  • Aaaaaand that is pretty much it, lol. Easy Peasy. 

Done! You are now free to enjoy this beautiful country and all it has to offer as a Noncommand Sponsored Family. The process is pretty easy, do not let anyone tell you otherwise!


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