Welcome! Annyeong Haseyo!

When my family and I made the decision to accompany my husband on his short tour to Osan Air Base in South Korea as Non-command sponsored dependents, I had a difficult time finding current, relevant information on the process. I spent hours and hours searching through Facebook posts and reading as much as I could online, hopping from site to site. I created this blog in hopes of aiding others that may be going through this, and I will attempt to provide as much information as I can, in the clearest manner that I can. I hope to share some of our future adventures around the ROK and Southeast Asia as well, and hope that I can help make the NCS process a smooth one for you!

Be sure to check out Osan NCS on Facebook – that page has been a tremendous help and they have excellent information in their files section.


*DISCLAIMER: I have no official authority in the military nor are my thoughts representative of those of the USAF. I am simply sharing my personal experiences in hopes that it will help a fellow military family 🙂